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When you are in college, main thing that you should do is studying. But also you should not forget about work. Whether you decide to have a part-time job in college or start to work after, you need to pass the interview. Yes, it is stressful. That is why we have prepared 7 tips that will help you to pass it successfully. Accounting help on the choose your personal accounting help. Interview 1. Find all possible information Before you go to the company for the interview find out: – Who you are going to talk to – a manager, HR manager or an ordinary employee; – The form of an interview (in a group or individually, giving answers or self-presentation); – Dress code or required things (docs, gadgets or something else); – How to get to the office (without being late). You can call the company in advance and get all this information. 2. Make a mind map with answers for the most common questions All job interviews look the same, but in fact they have significant differences. There are even stress interviews when a jobseeker can be shouted at. While passing a case interview a jobseeker has to do some difficult problems just like in real life. So it is important to be ready for any kind of tasks and methods during an interview. You can prepare answers to the most popular questions during job interviews: – Your 5 main advantages; – What are you good at; – Strategic directions of self-development; – How to improve the work of the company; – Your philosophy of life and work; – Your long term plans and short term ones; – The most unusual tasks you have ever passed. Also you should make list of your questions for an HR manager. successful interview 3. Interpret the employer’s questions You should always remember that the questions you answer during your job interview do not always imply the direct true answers. Your reaction is also of great importance. It shows your motivation, stress resistance and other features. There are a lot of tricky questions on a job interview, so try to predict them. 4. Mind your nonverbal behavior HR managers try to notice all nonverbal signs of your behavior: appearances, walking and gestures. Think about your personal behavior – if you are in habit to tap at the table with your fingers when you are under stress then try holding a pen. 5. Taboo facts When a jobseeker is asked to tell about him or her it does not mean retelling a full life story. There is a range of facts that an employee doesn’t want to hear: – Retelling your resume; – Personal goals (buying a house, having a baby); – Thoughts about company reputation; – Skills and experiences not useful for the job you apply (cooking, snowboarding, etc.); – Failures and mistakes caused by incompetence. successful interview 6. Watch to calm down Passing a job interview is a complicated task. It is really stressful. To calm down learn to relax even in uncomfortable situation. Have a look at the office and personnel. Do remember that a company needs an experienced worker as much as you need this job. 7. Be active Having an interview does mean a chance for a jobseeker to ask his or her questions about the future job. Be active and act like an initiative future worker of the company. Ask: – Is there an actual problem in the company that can be solved with my help? – Can you describe an ideal applicant for the job? – What advice can you give for a new member of your company? Follow all these tips and chances to pass the job interview will increase immensely.